How To Mix Antique And Modern Furniture and Décor Around Your Home

While modern décor has taken off in recent years, we all have a few antique or vintage pieces of décor or furniture from our parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles. These pieces can be integrated quite seamlessly into the interiors of your home when done tastefully.

Some homeowners just love a touch of vintage in their modern homes. Here’s how you can achieve a balance between the modern and antique décor and furniture around your home:

Swap out the regular bookshelf for a distressed wall shelf

Bookshelves are a functional and stylish piece to have in your living room or reading corner, but how about switching it out for a more antique-inspired book shelf on the wall? This piece has a shabby-chic style with an intricate design also sports a worn-down finish that will work well in monochrome interiors. You can have a bookshelf built to the size you require, taking into account your home. The color can also be changed up to suit your requirements.

An antique style folk spice shelf

While this piece is known as a spice shelf, its use doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen. Incorporate this unique shelf into the living room or entryway to showcase unique pieces of décor or indoor plants too. Its rustic charm will tie in well with the rest of the home.

A vintage spice cabinet in a modern kitchen

While vintage spice cupboards were created to provide a cool and dry area to store spices, it can still be used as standing storage in the modern kitchen. A standing spice cabinet is particularly beneficial for homes where there isn’t enough pantry space, or no pantry at all.

Spice cabinet.

Floating mantle shelf key hook for the entryway

If you don’t want to invest or use larger pieces of antique furniture around the house, you can opt for more subtle accents like a mantle shelf key hook. This can be installed in the entryway to hang the keys of the house and car, as well as for coats. It’s a small, but very effective touch that’s also very cost effective.

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